Who am I?

Brittany Brandt

I wasn't always an Event Planner. I have a Culinary Degree from Johnson and Wales, and my original plan was to travel the world
and cook in some great destinations... and I did. I lived in Germany, California, and all over the South (which is where I'm from). I have worked for, and with, some amazing people. I went from working
in hotels and restaurants, to catering companies, and finally an events team. I'm thankful for every position I've ever held and all of my training allows me to build and execute events that will amaze your guests. It gives me wide base of experience to work with, and
​I can speak a lot of languages: food, wine, service, operations, audio visual, and design and decor. WIth over 20 years in the hospitality industry, I use everything in my arsenal to create a great event. 

Let me show you what I can do! 

Creating unique events that reflect who you are!