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Let's talk about Ned Devine

Waking Ned Devine was a movie that came out in 1998, and is one of my favorites.
The story goes something like this:

There's a little town in Ireland, filled with your typical cast of small town characters, including the town busybodies. When news gets around of the lotto winner (of about 7,000,000 pounds) is a resident of the Village, the busybodies get in an uproar and go on a hunt to the befriend this person so that they can share in the winnings. However–the winner has died from the shock of it.
​A crazy plan is hatched to assume the identity of Ned Devine (the poor sap that died) and claim the money for the village and share the winnings, but some hoops have to be jumped through to prove to the lotto man that the winner is not in fact dead.

There's a great scene in the film where the a lotto man comes to the village to verify Ned’s identity, and stumbles onto his funeral, with the entire village in attendance. Thinking fast, the eulogy is given for the man posing as Ned instead, and it's what he said I want to talk about.

He poses the question "wouldn't it be grand to attend your own funeral–to be able to hear all great things that people say about you”  and it got me to thinking… why should we wait till someone's funeral to tell them how you feel about them? Why not celebrate those friendships while you can? Do we have to wait for a special occasion? Why not do it "just because"?

Picture it: get a few friends or family together, have everyone chip in. Plan a menu, get some wine, enjoy a fabulous sunset and each other just because you can. You don't need to wait for a milestone in your life–do it because it's Wednesday and you just want to hang out with your friends or family and have a great life experience together.

Wishing you all a bunch of "just because" moments–and stay warm :) bb

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